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Presently, the School is deploying the "Materials Engineering" training program. From 2006, under the Ministry of Education and Training, the School is one of ten units piloting an advanced training program in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champain (UIUC), USA, in English with an American credit system. The MSE program annually enrolls over 150 undergraduate students and 25-30 graduate students and doctoral students.
Training Programs
  • BS, BE (4 years)
  • Engineer (5 years)
  • MS and ME (2 years for Bachelors and an year for engineers)
  • PhD (3 years for Masters)
Training ologies
  1.  Iron and Steelmaking
  2.  Non-ferrous Materials and Composites
  3.  Materials and Foundry Technology 
  4.  Materials Mechanics and MetalForming
  5.  Materials Science, Heat Treatment and Surface